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Adept Technology, Inc.

"Our systems must handle fast and complex sequences/workflow, and the almost unlimited access of our Adept robotics, plus excellent Adept documentation and competitive prices, are key to our success."

Christian Abt
Erhardt & Abt

"Adept allows us to manufacture our systems at low costs, and the high reliability of Adept robot arms adds to the satisfaction of our clients."

Ewald Geiger
Sonplas GmbH

"We continue to push Adept system capabilities to new levels, and the systems are running as well today as the day they arrived from the factory."

Shan Pin Koh
Senior Systems Engineer
Oak River Technology

"In addition to lowering set-up costs, Adept robotics systems are priced lower than most of the competition."

Ewald Geiger
Sonplas GmbH

"The fact that Adept is active in all major world markets is not to be underestimated during this time of globalization."

Michael Leonhardt
Sales Manager
Asic Robotics AG

"From a particle emission standpoint, Adept's linear modules were the cleanest moving components, and we are very pleased with their durability and long term clean room performance."

Jacob J. Maniyatte
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

"Adept has enabled us to design and deploy flexible automation cells utilizing Adept robots with integrated vision. This has reduced much of the repetitive motion involved in our packaging, eliminating resultant employee injuries."

Dave Bauer
Manufacturing Engineer
Spangler Candy Company

"As a supplier to the auto industry, we need to react quickly to the needs of our clients. Adept robotics systems allow us to reach our production volumes through shorter cycle times."

Torsten Flügge
GETRAG Synchrontechnik GmbH

"The extraordinary capabilities of Adept robots – in combination with advanced controller technology – is a key advantage in deploying Adept systems."

Michael Leonhardt
Sales Manager
Asic Robotics AG

"The un-bureaucratic support of Adept and the in-depth training Adept provides our workers helps us to meet the demand of our 24/7 operation."

Dr. Uwe Rosenberger
Fresenius Medical Care
(St. Wendel)

Continental Teves

"Adept supports us in the continued operation of our robotics systems. Extremely short response times and highly flexible service are indispensable to us. Our choice of Adept was right."

Michael Otorowski
Brake hose assembly
Continental Teves

Continental Teves

"Adept systems assemble our mechanical components with speed, exactness and precision not possible with a manual solution."

Paul Giesinger
Leader Control Technology
Andreas Stihl AG & Co.


"We needed cost-effective, flexible, standard robotics systems which could be installed with a minimum of engineering - for fast and precise part handling and system control. The only systems to meet our requirements are Adept high-speed SCARA robots."

Kurt Rühe
Leader Process Planning



Solar Cell Inspection
Solar Cell Inspection using the Adept Cobra Robot and Vision on the Fly.
Adept Quattro handling solar cells
Solar cell handling demo with Adept Quattro and Vision-on-the-fly
Adept Quattro High-Speed Packaging
Adept Quattro s650H robot in high-speed packaging applications
Adept Quattro vs Wii
Adept Quattro moved by a Nintendo Wii remote.
Drawing with Adept Viper and iPad
Drawing a picture using an iPad connected to an Adept Viper robot.