Harmonic drive issue

Adept Cobra s600 and s800 SCARA robots

Harmonic drive issue

Postby albertus » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:52 am


We use approx. 165 Cobra's (c600 and 800) in different machines, and now after a few years we encounter a lot of wear of the harmonic drives.

Typically this wear is concentrated at the outer ends of the inner elliptical bearing of the wave generators, see pictures. We are using standard recommended Adept-oil (Mobillgear 600 XP 68)

It seems that the wear starts as a thin line, and grows out to the sides eating away the metal.

Lager ADEPT4.jpg
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Lager ADEPT3.jpg
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Lager ADEPT1.jpg
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My question:

Does anyone recognise this type of wear,

Do we need to change the oil in the harmonic drives every 2 years or so, or is there a better type of oil that we can use?
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