Network Timeout Error -562

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Network Timeout Error -562

Postby tpanathan » Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:24 pm


I am trying to run a vision sequence and it gets hung up on the vrun and vwaiti command the first time through, if I return after it throws the error into reacte, it will complete the vision tool. I set the parameter vtimeout = 2.5 at the beginning of the program.

For i = 0 to 5 step 1
wait.event , 0.1
vrun $ip, seq
vwaiti (seq) $ip, 0

Can someone help me figure out the problem
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Re: Network Timeout Error -562

Postby Guenter Grass » Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:55 am

Hi tpanathan,

please increase the VTIMEOUT to a higher value. I recommend 20 (default is 10 in V+).

Especially the first communication (sequence) between V+ and the AdeptSight pc takes a lot longer that all others. This is because on the first run all locator models are loaded into RAM and all properties are send to the camera (exposure, etc.).

If you want you can decrease the VTIMEOUT after the first run but a different sequence with new locator models will take more time again.

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