Selecting an AIM plug-in into the system configuration

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Selecting an AIM plug-in into the system configuration

Postby GaganA » Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:40 pm

AIM Plug-in setup help

The way to setup a plug-in is to use the Plug-in manager to:
1. Get the plug-in into the AIM system
2. Add the plug-in to the list of active plug-in or plug-in in the AIM directory.
3. Update the configuration, do a AIM system shutdown, zero memory, load and run AIM again

Click on the Utilities<System Configuration
Now click on the Plugin Manager.
This controller has the Plug-in copied into the controller DISK>D:\PLUGINS\
It can also be at a NFS mount.
Select the plug-in that is required and import it into the AIM directory.
After the import is finished the imported plug-in should be visible in the left pane that is displaying the AIM directory. On the right hand side pane, all the plugin-in that are “recognized”.
Now minimize this plug-in manager and click on the Edit Current Configuration:
Now from the configuration editor, select the plug-in that is required into the left side list of selected plug-in.
Now click on the Update button and then Yes to the next dialog box which asks for a update confirmation. If it is not clear whether to use the plug-in or not, the cancel option should be used on this dialog box, and on the system configuration above.
Now close all the dialog box that come up and do a system shutdown, zero memory and then run AIM again. The plug-in should now be usable in AIM.

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