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Postby Gary_B » Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:59 pm

Hi i am currently working with a vision system using Aim 4.2 I have calibrated (with an x-y ratio of 1.0021) the camera using the blob finder tool when i test the calibration it always finds the piece in every position in the vision window. however when i insert the blob finder into my sequence for a simple pick and place its not always finding the centre of the part. below is the sequence i am using if anyone could help wit this problem it would be appreciated

Set_Vis_Framepick_Vis_frameEqual_To Vision_Frame area blob_finder save previous no
Next_vis_Frame no ok_signal Vis_frame_ok _signal Vis_frame_ok Repeat_done vis_repeat_done

While not vis_repeat_done
If vis_frame_ok
Move to vis_pick
Move to place
IO_Output_ Vac_off
Set_Vis_Frame pick_Vis_Frame Equal To Vision_Frame area_Blob_Finder save previous yes
Next_Vis_Frame yes ok_signal Vis_Frame_ok repeat_done Vis_repeat_done

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