Help please: sending Hex commands via the serial port?

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Help please: sending Hex commands via the serial port?

Postby AndrewFreeman » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:50 pm


I was wondering if anyone can help. Myself and a colleague are having trouble sending a Hex command to a third party piece of hardware via a serial port of the SmartController CX.

The piece of hardware is a glue dispenser, made by EFD. Unfortunately it has the worst command set ever, and requires everything being sent in Hex format, requiring the calculatiion of checksums etc... It's a bit of a nightmare.

Before we try and do anything complex with it, we are trying something simple- sending it a status enquiry command (0x05h) and await a response. The trouble is we can't even do that.

We can talk to it using a PC and a terminal (Hercules) that can send the "05" as a hex string. Just sending "05" using a normal terminal, such as hyperterminal, termite etc, just doesn't work.

When we try it with the SmartController, we're not having much luck and we think it's because we aren't sending it as hex correctly. We put our hands up and admit we don't know what we are doing!

Here is a sample part of the code:

AUTO slun ;

ATTACH (slun, 4) "LOCAL.SERIAL:2" ;

WRITE (slun) "05", /H1 ;

DETACH (slun) ;

We've tried /H2, /H3......, adding the carat (^) and trying various other formats after WRITE(slun) but to no avail.

Can anyone help?

Best regards

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