RS-422 communication

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RS-422 communication

Postby NHuntoon » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:57 am

I'm trying to connect a sensor to the RS-422 port on my controller. I am having trouble getting the port to read and write though. For now, I have created a cable that will connect the 422 port to my laptop via a RS-422-USB Converter. I've verified that the cable works with a loopback connector and I've also communicated from my laptop to the sensor via the convertor.

I'm now trying to get a basic communication programming running in ACE.

Here is what I have
lun = 0 ;

DETACH (lun)

IF IOSTAT(lun) == 1 THEN
TYPE "Successfully attached LUN", lun
TYPE "Did not attach LUN", lun
GOTO 100

; TYPE "LUN =", lun
; WRITE (lun) $CHR(2)+"START_MEASURE"+$CHR(3), /S
i = 0
WRITE (lun) "Hello World", /N
TYPE "Sent data", /N

100 TYPE "Detaching LUN", lun

DETACH (lun)

Both RS-422 ports are set to 9600 8N1.
When I run this code, in the 'Monitor' I see
"Successfully attached LUN 31"
"Detaching LUN 31"
I feel like I'm missing something in the 'attach' area but I can't find anything in the manuals.

Any suggestions?
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Re: RS-422 communication

Postby nico.kamstra » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:06 pm


Are you sure that your converter of the RS422 connection has an active RS422 gate ? Adept has only an Passive RS422/RS485 gate.
If both are passive (passive means no side has a current source) no signals can be sent. This might result in your IOSTAT error


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