Two Communication Tools

Two Communication Tools

Postby faukersss » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:50 pm

We have a static, above-belt camera locating parts for 2 downstream robots. Parts coming down the belt pass by robot 1 and then robot 2. My AdeptSight Sequence ends with 2 Communication Tools, tool 1 placing items in queue 1 for robot 1 and then tool 2 placing items in queue 2 for robot 2. Communication Tool 2 is relative to Communication Tool 1 so parts that are not picked by robot 1 get put in queue 2 for robot 2.

This seems to work in emulation but robot 1 ends up doing most of the work with robot 2 sitting idle until a part passes out of robot 1 belt window. I would like a way to divide the work evenly.

I was thinking that when robot 1 calls 'getinstance' to track the most downstream part for pickup I would like to ignore/export that item to robot 2 and then call 'getinstance' again to grab the next part. I don't understand what part of the program actually exports a part from a queue, such as when it passes out of the belt window.

This is a new system so software should be current. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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