invalid vision argument

invalid vision argument

Postby brucek42 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:12 pm

I have a program which i have used on numerous systems and every now and then i get an "invalid vision argument" in the V+ program. I can usually reboot the PC and eventually it may work. The parameters in the call are not the issue at it will get this error with every call that requires the PC to return information to the Smart controller. The VRUN command works because it sends info to the PC. The IP address is correct from what i can tell. My Firewall is disabled on the PC so this is not the issue either. The description of the error mentioned to check the calibration, not sure how to do this but the calibration appears to be OK from the numbers it is showing in the results section. I am using desktop not ACE which is Adeptsight 2.0. I am just bringing up a new system and cannot seem to get the error to disappear. I believe the issue has something to do with the communication of the PC to the Smartcontroller but have no idea how to make the system work. Some of the V+ commands that are giving me the error are:
num.blobs = VRESULT($com.ip, vis.seq, c.blob.light, , 1610)
SET pt.cell.corner = VLOCATION($com.ip, vis.seq, c.locator, i, 1311)

I've checked all variables and they have the correct values. Thanks for the help
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