Diagnostic of Encoder Fault ("E1"-"E6")

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Diagnostic of Encoder Fault ("E1"-"E6")

Postby alexandre.haag » Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:10 pm

I need to know what issues would cause encoder alarms that can be cleared. As far as I knew encoder alarms could not be cleared, but I have a customer that intermittently gets E1 – E6 but it always seems to be when the arm is in the home position which leads me to believe it is a harness issue but without knowing what would cause all the encoders to alarm I cannot be sure.


The faultlog is able to give you this information: it’s 2 different entries for communication errors and encoder alarm (both are reported as encoder fault E1-E6).
- If it’s a communication error, then you should look at the harness. This error can be intermittent, if the robot is in a position when the harness is fine you can enable power again and the error will be gone.
- if it’s an alarm error, it is usually a battery alarm indicating that you lost the absolute position. In this case the only way to get the robot to run again is to run the rough/fine calibration again.
- there could be other alarm errors in the encoder, but I’ve seen them only very rarely and in any case they require a reboot to go away.


The encoders are all powered by a single 24V to 5V power supply inside the arm. So, if there is a
comm. issue on all the encoders it is likely that they have lost power. This could be a harness issue
but would likely be a problem with the 24V supply wires.
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Re: Diagnostic of Encoder Fault ("E1"-"E6")

Postby chenhao9862 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:55 am

if battery not lost. please check the sDAI module. replace this sDAI module try again, maybe solved this problem.
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