Encoder Batteries

Encoder Batteries

Postby jefftnm » Tue May 18, 2010 3:30 pm

We have a Viper 650 we use for research. It was left unpowered for about 4 months. Now when attempting to get it started-up again the encoder batteries indicate they are failed. I spoke with Adept support and was told I have two options, neither very good: 1. Pay for a technician to come here and calibrate (est $4,000) or 2. ship the entire unit to the factory (time-consuming). I am not a robotics engineer by a long shot, so hoping to hear from others if these really are the only options. It would seem one ought to be able to "reload" the calibration data, that it would have been stored on the controller disk? Also, while the use manual does suggest replacing the batteries every two years, it does not in any way indicate how catastrophic failure to do so will be.
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