Common C# program in ACE

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Common C# program in ACE

Postby icerany » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:02 pm

Hi All,

I have a stupid question. >///<

Besides to build DLLs,
may I create a common C# library in ACE? How to use it?

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/*-- C# Program: /Programs/C#_Test/Program1 --*/
public static class TestLib {
    public static int Times(int val, int times) {
        return (int)Math.Pow(val, times);

In other C# program or Custom Vision Tool (CVT), we can do
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/*-- C# Program: /Programs/C#_Test/Program2 --*/
int retValue = TestLib.Times(2, 10);   //Should Get 1024

I tried some methods in ACE, like ExposableDataItem, but I cannot find any to do this.
Is it possible to do this action in Adept ACE?

In fact,
There may some functions that we often use in CVT or C# program.
For example, dimmer (light) control, socket communication and so on.

We copies these functions into each program that may use.
But we really lazy to do this. >"<
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