PCIe Opto Isolated problem reading I/O

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PCIe Opto Isolated problem reading I/O

Postby tpanathan » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:13 am


I just bought a 16 CHANNEL Input/ 16 CHANNEL Output Negative Common Opto-Isolated Digital I/O board for PCI Express (DIO-1616RL-PE). I am having trouble reading and writing I/O on the card. I tried making a custom c# script, but it wouldn't compile because adept does not allow me to compile an unsafe c# script.

Does adept already have a library for this, if not how can I make a script to allow me to read and write to the PCIe? Any information or code that has been used in the past will help.

I am using the PCIe card to OUTPUT signals to another controller (only takes 24V I/O) to start a program 2^6 programs and 3 24V devices. I want to create interrupts as well, i.e if the other controller failed an operation it can signal the adept controller that it failed and the adept controller would then stop all operations.

Edit: I got around the unsafe problem by just commenting out those parts since we didn't need that functionality from the PCIe card. Now I'm getting the error "object reference not set" on the Adept Ace software but in Visual C# 2010 it runs perfectly.

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