Responses from ACE are delayed

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Responses from ACE are delayed

Postby icerany » Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:05 am

Hi All,

We have a problem about custom GUI communicate with ACE with lag action.

"ALL" of ACE methods or properties are delay more than 10s in custom GUI. For example,

Code: Select all
bool pwr = vpObj.HighPower;   //vpObj is connected IVpLinkedObject


Code: Select all
objFol.CheckInternalReferences();   //objFol is an IAceObjectCollection

This situation is not always but sometimes.

When occurred, ACE still work fine and operate well.
And ACE is spend about 300MB RAM and 0 ~ 5% CPU.
Windows Event Logger is nothing to show.

How can we get more information about this problem? or how to fix it?

OS = Windows 7 Professional SP1
Robot = sCobra 800 Inverted
SmartController = EX
custom GUI = VS2015 with C# and .Net 4.6
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