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ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:05 pm

ACE 2.0 is the development thread for Pilot Release.
It includes the internal changes made to present the software with its official external name, ACE PackXpert was born from version, which had a parallel development with the 1.6 versions

  • Version
    • Correct problem with accessing code 10050 (VisionOriginRobot) and 10051 (ImageOriginRobot).
    • Correct problem with communication tool running without an associated calibration object.
    • When belt source is cleared, reset all latch tracking data structures.
    • Correct spelling errors in UI.
    • Display AdeptSight sequence errors on the editor page.
    • Correct issues with reboot of Adept controller.
    • Correct issue with Workspace Referencing not properly saving the results.
    • Additional changes to properly dispose of resources when calibration sequence is canceled.
    • Rename and restructure the packaging manager as the process manager.
    • Allow programmatic access to the Basler device acquisition settings.

  • Version
    • Add V+ hook for notification for robot attach and detach.
    • Correct 3D rendering of belt window if the frame was inverted.
    • Monitor for object being deleted to avoid editor refresh issues.
    • Handle the "Ambiguity Zone" of the Quattro robot.
    • Ensure only set of unique belt camera information is sent to the V+ belt task.
    • Modify AdeptSight camera calibration to limit the theta range used in the automated calibration process.
    • Modify AdeptSight camera calibration interview sequencer to limit the theta range for automated calibrations when a Quattro is the selected robot.
    • Update help file.
    • Add AdeptSight help file.

  • Version
    • Internal name chanegs to V+ process manager software.
    • Correct issue with connecting to a Basler color camera.

  • Version
    • Update AdeptSight reference guide.
    • Update the display names of certain licenses.
    • Update display in the locator tool when a model is renamed.
    • Modify the way the pallet editor refreshes the user interface when data is changed.
    • Update text displayed in some of the wizard sequences.
    • Update application icon.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:16 am

  • Version
    • Apply licensing to the ACE PackXpert in the new object list.
    • Add bounding box overlap check to locator tool.
    • Update text elements in user interface.
    • Additional updates for the new application icon.
    • Supress user error when restoring a tool after an AdeptSight calibration sequence and the power is not enabled.
    • Correct rendering problem with the overlap tool.
    • Correct orientation calculation in the AdeptSight V+ belt sample.
    • Correct issue when creating IO variable through the IO watch form.
    • Modify installer to remove old files for an upgrade installation.
    • Correct minor issue with the process manager runtime control clear button when there is not process configuration selected.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:47 am

  • Version
    • Allow histogram to be selected in an inspection fitter when testing a value of a vision tool.
    • Add tool tip to tool teach wizard button.
    • Add confirmation step when user deletes a single variable from a V+ global variable collection.
    • Update display when a group of variables is deleted from a V+ global variable collection.
    • Do not apply the tool offset when teaching the idle position.
    • Ensure TOOL is restored when a packaging application stops running.
    • Ensure part and target positions are properly handling the TOOL configuration when being taught.
    • When teaching the robot-to-belt calibration, change the current location display to show the current position with the TOOL applied.
    • Eliminate the transmission of unused parameters to the controller memory.
    • Correct issue with the tracking of the selected robot if an iCobra is the only robot in the workspace.
    • Correct issues when robots are removed from the workspace while the jogger control is displayed.
    • Correct issue when controllers are removed from the workspace while the file manager is displayed.
    • Correct issue with importing V+ programs into a module associated with an iCobra.
    • Correct issues with error reporting when importing a V+ program.
    • Correct application sample V+ code for iCobra fixed or arm mounted camera configuration.

  • Version
    • Fix reference problem that occurs when an IO gripper is associated with the iCobra.
    • Avoid duplicate execution of vision tools when multiple parts or targets are being located by the same belt camera.
    • Eliminate the application level error code -20011 (Unable to complete process) and report the actual errors that were encountered if a process cannot be completed.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:18 am

  • Version
    • Correct display of calibration state for an iCobra when enable power button is pressed.
    • Correct format error when issuing iCobra move command.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:16 am

  • Version
    • Additional corrections for the display of calibration state for an iCobra.
    • Update text displayed in the UI.
    • Change default feeder I/O signals to soft signals.
    • Modify logic for determining if iCobra has reached a destination position on a move issued from ACE.
    • Improve error reporting in the automated calibration sequences.

  • Version
    • Minor corrections for AdeptSight V+ sample and core programs.
    • Remove task control button from the main window toolbar.
    • Add better prompts when testing a belt calibration.
    • Add task completion check in the iCobra move primitive used by ACE in the camera calibration sequences.
    • Change belt thickness in 3D visualization to make it easier to see belt window parameters.
    • Display belt stop line in the 3D visualization.
    • Minor changes to the terminology of some items in the new object pick list.
    • Minor changes to the AdeptSight getinstances program.
    • Allow previewing of pylon camera images in the creation wizard.
    • Allow editing of locator model in calibration teach sequence.
    • If file is too large to copy to the controller, do not leave the partial file on the controller when the operation fails.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:26 am

  • Version
    • Modify a readme file and add a new readme file for demo sample project.
    • Correct issues with enabling/disabling a process after the process list has been sorted.
    • Change internal hooks to indicate an AdeptSight wizard sequence wants access to the robots.
    • Optimize the threads that are used to send instance information to a controller.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:39 am

  • Version
    • Modify the format of the licenses checked on the sentinel key.
    • Add license check for the controller license in AdeptSight.
    • Add OPC Client license check in OPC manager.
    • Add shortcuts for saving a workspace.
    • Allow changing gain and exposure using the VPARAMETER instruction.
    • Allow changing the active calibration and camera settings using the VPARAMETER instruction.
    • Update the user guide.
    • Update the vision guide.
    • Add icons to status bar to indicate if the PackXpert or AdeptSight 3 licenses are enabled.
    • Add user documentation for the main V+ remote library methods.
    • Add user documentation for the V+ process manager library methods.
    • Correct issue with configuration items not updating.
    • Ensure errors detected when copying server files to the controller are reported.
    • Ensure the default controller disk device and current directory is set to D:\.
    • Fix internal event handling issue that could cause a lockup issue under very specific circumstances.
    • Add progress information display when stopping a process manager application.
    • Modify names and order of the help file links in the help menu.
    • Update installer menu layout.

  • Version
    • Change default radio button selection for the startup menu to be to open the last selected file.
    • Trap for errors when stopping a process manager application when communications with a controller has been lost.
    • When enabling power, add notice to user to press the high power enable button.
      Incremental update to Balser SDK.
    • Add additional files for removing when product is installed.
    • Allow saving of V+ module to a file on the controller.
    • Allow saving of variables to a file on the controller.
    • Ensure temporary files are deleted when files are copied to a controller.
    • Modify AdeptSight automated calibration sequences to no perform gripper rotations when the configuration does not allow tool rotations.
    • Eliminate spurious tool rotations in automated calibration procedure.

  • Version
    • Correct issue with communication tool operating with a non-belt camera.
    • Remove normal dongle check messages from the log.
    • Correct issue with vision editor renderer incorrectly calculating the field of view search window.
    • Narrow the default scale range for a locator tool.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:23 am

  • Version
    • Initial Pilot release of ACE PackXpert.
    • Properly monitor connection state in primitives used to report process manager errors.
    • Updates to UI and documentation.
    • Update default names of the vision tools.
    • In belt camera calibration mode, do not remove the previous located circular markers in live video mode.
    • Move the Process Manager IO startup object namespace location.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:52 pm

  • Version
    • Add controller connection startup obkect primarily for use in AdeptSight and ePLC applications.
    • Update user guide.
    • Update vision user guide.
    • Allow a robot to be associated with a location variable in the global variable collection object.
    • Anticipate the type of variable being created based on the type of variable being displayed in a global variable collection.
    • Allow dragging of V+ global variable collection object to the watch window.
    • Updates to the user guide.
    • Show the offset of the robot relative to the taught position when teaching a process associated with a process manager.
    • When teaching a process in the process manger teach sequence, do not automatically advance to the next page when moving the idle position.
    • Remove redundant pages in the process manager teach sequence.
    • When hovering over a line with a missing argument error in the V+ program editor, show the help text for that item, if possible.
    • Correct V+ editor refresh problem when entering a new line that generates an error.
    • Correct text layout issues.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:00 am

  • Version
    • Correct issue with importing V+ programs from a file into a V+ module.
    • Add static pick and place process manager application sample.
    • Add belt vision picking process manager application sample.
    • Correct issue with determining if a program associated with a V+ module needs to be downloaded to the controller.
    • Allow location of more than 1 target in the AdeptSight robot-to-belt camera calibration.
    • Allow location of more than 1 target in the ProcessManager robot-to-belt camera calibration.
    • Minor change to text displayed by the installer.
    • Correct minor issue with mapping of parameters for the VLOCATION command.
    • Update keyword help links in V+ code editor.
    • Enable displaying of state information in the tree view icon.
    • Add support for the Tamagawa encoder for the DASA module.

  • Version
    • Update module listing when a program signature is modified in the V+ module collection editor.
    • Auto populate V+ programs created in a V+ module with a program header defined in the options menu.
    • Correct the way the robot-to-belt camera calibration is handled relative to the robot offset.

  • Version
    • Correct issues with the way the robot-to-fixed camera calibration is handled relative to the robot offset.
    • Improvements to the ACE PackXpert robot-to-belt camera calibration sequencer.
    • In the V+ global variable collection, store global location variables in robot relative coordinates rather than workspace relative coordinates.
    • Minor correction in the AdeptSight Arm or Fixed mounted camera sample application V+ code.
    • Ensure AdeptSight belt tracking sample assign a unique keyword mapping to the calibration object.
    • Correct minor issue with mapping of parameters for the VPARAMETER command.
    • Correct issue with vision graphics not clearing correctly.
    • Disable next button after teaching a point in the AdeptSight robot-to-belt camera calibration.
    • Correct issue with task manager not updating correctly after an initial connection is made.
    • Correct instructions displayed in the AdeptSight manual robot-to-camera calibration for an “object attached to robot” configuration.


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