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Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Fri Oct 24, 2008 2:29 pm

  • Version
    • Add additional error checking for AdeptSight and Packaging application samples.
    • Modify ACE PackXpert software to store all locations and calibrations in robot relative coordinates.
    • Ensure pallet parameters are properly applied in a fixed vision camera part or target configuration.
    • When a process is removed, ensure 3D does not try to draw instances associated with a source that no longer exists.
    • Update help links for AdeptSight module.
    • Change robot-to-camera calibration 4 corner calculation to avoid moving the calibration target too close to the edge of the search region.
    • Correct internal handling of asynchronous events received from V+.
    • Ensure all objects are initialized after a copy and paste operation by the workspace explorer.

ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Tue Nov 04, 2008 5:15 pm

  • Version
    • Improve property descriptions for the process pallet.
    • Add warning to ensure a process has been taught before allowing a process manager to run.
    • Ensure errors are properly handled when processing the gripper actions in a motion sequence.
    • Ensure resources allocated in calibration procedures are correctly deallocated.
    • Disable the pause/resume button when the automated calibration wizard page is initially displayed for AdeptSight and Process Manager wizard sequences.
    • Add property for auto-saving Micro V+ memory to NV-RAM for the iCobra.
    • If auto-saving is enabled on an Adept Cobra i-Series robot and a connection is made, check to see if any programs are in memory. If no programs are in memory, automatically load the contents of NV-RAM.
    • Ensure all client-side license checks are done relative to the server PC.
    • Allow setting the NV-RAM address for the controller at boot-up to be either the default or the one specified in NV-RAM.
    • Add the Process Manager fixed-camera pick-and-place sample.
    • Improve the application shutdown logic in the case of unexpected error conditions.
    • If ACE shuts down unexpectedly, save any modified workspace files to a recovery file on the desktop.
    • Add API methods to perform file operations on the PC from the V+ system.
    • Update the default program header that may be added to programs created in a V+ module.
    • Update shortcuts in main interface.
    • Update documentation.
    • Minor changes to the installer.
  • Version
    • Minor updates to the AdeptSight manual fixed- or robot-mounted camera calibration sequence.
    • Integrate pendant with move button in wizard sequences.
    • Update instructions in AdeptSight and PackXpert robot-to-belt camera calibration.
    • Modify pendant usage for teaching items in the configuration item editors of the Process Manager.
    • Correct issue where jog pendant does not reset the V+ system when error occurs at the start of incremental move mode.
    • Allow importing of AdeptSight 2 project files.
    • Add frame offset mode in the calculated frame tool.
    • Update the AdeptSight MicroV+ application sample code.
    • Correct jog issues with Adept Cobra i-Series robots in some of the teach sequences.
    • Fix issue with selecting the calibration in the communications tool.
    • Correct issue with extracting robot position for a table-mounted camera in AdeptSight 2 vision sequence.
    • Fix issues with Micro V+ AdeptSight sample for Adept Cobra i-Series robots.
    • Fix issue with the AceServer automatically loading the default workspace.
    • Fix issue with installer prerequisite detecting the status of the OPC package installation on certain machines.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:22 pm

• Version
    o Allow greater control of the data collection configuration in the robot data collection display.
    o Add operator interface demo sample project.
    o Correct minor issue with the allocation of multiple processes that share a common part but separate targets.
    o Expose maximum duty-cycle for data collection purposes.
    o Show a graphic identifying the position being taught for a pallet in the Process Manager teach process wizard.

• Version

    o Fix minor issue with grid calibration vision form.
    o Correct issue with pendant closing when power is not enabled.
    o Add Align button on the jog pendant.
    o Add tool tip selection on the jog pendant.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:07 am

  • Version
    • Correct issue with the robot-to-belt calibration not handling inverted vision images correctly.
    • Minor changes to user interface text.
    • Ensure custom error programs are called when power is not enabled in a Process Manager application.
  • Version
    • Correct issue with detecting multiple latches configured to the same encoder.
    • Additional change for calculation of belt distance travel in robot-to-belt camera calibration.
    • Minor changes to user interface text.
    • Correct issue with auto loading a sequence on the sever.
    • Modify AdeptSight Communications Tool to allow for tool relative results if the calibration is an “object attached to robot” configuration.
    • Add check of V+ version in the servo node upgrade process.
  • Version
    • Ensure the server default workspace file is deleted as part of the update process.
    • Correct issue with belt distance calculation.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:46 pm

  • Version
    • Add OEM user sample to the demo project.
    • Ensure the process manager V+ programs are loaded into memory before starting the process teach sequence.
    • Ensure latch test sequence monitors for the expected latch number.
    • Ensure demo project includes all required files.
    • Ensure the gripper orientation is maintained in the AdeptSight and Process Manager automated calibration wizard sequences.
    • Add gripper offset table to the AdeptSight module.
    • Improvements to the way V+ programs in the workspace module are compared with V+ programs located on a controller.
    • Minor corrections to the handling of the previous button in the Process Manager process teach sequence.
  • Version
    • Add license manager and proper license checking when working with the Adept Cobra i-Series robot.
    • Disable loading of a new workspace when running an ACE PackXpert application.
    • Ensure proper access to the Adept Cobra i-Series robot utility programs.
    • Improve logic of the point selection in the automated robot-to-camera calibrations for AdeptSight and the ACE PackXpert.
    • Add checks in the automated calibration process to ensure the part was picked by the robot. This has been added to the AdeptSight and Process Manager automated calibrations.
    • Do not approach the picture position when the user presses the move button in an AdeptSight camera calibration wizard sequence. Simply align the Z heights then move to the position.
    • Add velocity and scaled velocity in the View Belt Encoders diagnostic display.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:07 pm

  • Version
    • Fix issue when opening a V+ program in a V+ module not associated with a controller.
    • Fix intermittent issue with monitor window and task manager not properly displaying when initially created.
    • Fix minor issue with canceling the rename of a V+ module program.
    • Fix issue with synchronizing with the vision driver as cameras are added and removed from the workspace.
    • Fix issue with inspection tool filter handling of measurements when the input data is the same tool.
    • Ensure proper sequencing calls when teaching gripper offsets in the AdeptSight module.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:42 pm

  • Version
    • Correct issue with renaming a controller after it has been disconnected.
    • Correct issue with task manager not always controlling edit mode properly.
    • Ensure robot stops tracking the belt after placing at a belt-relative target position in a Process Manager application.
    • Improve ROI calculation for rectangular edit tools when expanding to the full field of view.
  • Version
    • Minor corrections to demo programs.
    • Fix issue with renaming controller object while a V+ program module editor associated with the controller is displayed.
    • Update user guide.
    • Add wizard sequence when a V+ module is created.
    • Do not sort module programs in the V+ program import wizard.
    • Maintain separate Controller Development Tool windows for each controller.
    • Integrate the program manager control from Adept DeskTop into the Controller Development Tool window.
    • Fix issue with V+ module editor and the creation of new objects in the workspace.
    • Fix issue with changing program focus when in debug mode.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:31 am

  • Version
    • Fix issue with program manager refreshing when controller is not connected.
    • Improve handling of internal issues to avoid discontinuities in the user interface.
    • Add additional trace messages to the vision module.
    • Fix issue with calculation of part and target position relative to the belt windows to ensure proper process selection.
    • Fix issue with displaying controller development tool windows when auto-loading is enabled.
    • Correct display issue with the image list in the emulation camera editor.
    • Re-enable drag and drop from the file explorer to the program manager.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby KevinS » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:56 am

  • Version
    • Documentation update.
  • Version
    • Add match quality as a result of the line finder tool.
    • Add the image histogram pixel information on the tool editor.
    • Ensure resources are released when a model is deleted.
    • Fix mixed culture issue with the V+ global variable object and editor.
    • Add line length as a property to a VisionLine.
    • Fix obscure issue with error generated when saving an embedded model.
  • Version
    • Minor change to save dialog used in the program manager.
    • Slight change to the way V+ module program conflicts are handled.
    • Change default Basler packet size from 512 to 1024 and enforce a minimum value of 1024.
  • Version
    • Fix minor issue with detecting a latch value when teaching a process.
    • Fix minor issue with the handling of non-printable characters when importing a V+ program.
    • Fix minor issue with the handling of non-printable characters when pasting into a V+ program.
    • Minor changes to the way AdeptSight messages are logged.
    • Minor improvement to information displayed while hovering in the V+ code editor.
    • Add better visual clues in the 3D visualization indicating the direction of belt travel for a belt window calibration.
    • Ensure result flag is properly set for a custom vision tool.
    • Minor change to functionality exposed by the program manager.
    • Correct minor issue with the initialization of V+ variables imported into a variable collection.
    • Ensure V+ task level errors are displayed on the monitor window.
    • Allow wider range of values for the pick rate filtering field.
  • Version
    • Correct issue when extracting images when view button is pressed in the camera creation wizard.
    • Add proper range checking to robot jog control speed value.
    • Add parts and targets not processed to the robot statistics panel of the Process Manager runtime control.
    • Minor text updates in user interface.
    • Change implementation of VLOCATION for GripperOffset (10100) to return the proper location in the gripper offset table.
    • Sort the V+ global variable list in the global variable editor.
    • Correct issue with model editor entering edit mode when a virtual camera is not associated with the model.
    • Allow “Apply to All” as an option when displaying the V+ program conflict prompt.
    • Allow “Kill All User Tasks” as an option when displaying the V+ program conflict prompt.
    • Modify controller connection startup object to allow the user to specify a program to execute after the connection is made.
    • Fix issue with model origin not being properly handled in all cases when a model image is cropped.
    • Fix issue with belt encoders not being updated when the belt object is copied.

Re: ACE 2.0 Releases

Postby TravisA » Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:10 pm

ACE Version Production release February 3, 2009

  • Version
    • Correct synchronization issue that occurs when the status of V+ tasks are updated and a V+ module is not assigned to a controller.
    • Fix minor issue preventing the opening of programs from the program manager in some cases.
    • Fix issue with offset calculation for pallets when using the process manager teach sequencer.
    • Optimize handling of background events.
    • Update documentation.
  • Version
    • Minor changes to text displayed in user interface.
    • Correct minor issue when displaying the context menu in the visualization window scene graph.
    • Correct issue with temporary files not getting deleted by vision module.
    • Ensure user interface client launched as a separate process does not shut down server when exiting.
  • Version
    • Correct minor issue in handling of the InverseKinematics VLOCATION AdeptSight request.
    • Ensure inspection filter editor form releases all resources when testing an inspection filter.
    • Improve displaying contextual information when hovering over an AdeptSight V+ keyword in the code editor.
    • Correct issue with results grid display for the inspection vision tool.
    • Add additional calibration details to the tool tip display in the virtual camera editor.
    • Minor correction to OperatorInterface project in the demo solution.
    • Correct issue with the renaming of virtual camera calibration objects.
    • Minor changes to V+ module and global variable editors.
    • Correct minor synchronization issue between the ProcessManager and the ProcessManager startup program.
  • Version
    • Correct minor issue with handling GripperOffset VLOCATION keyword.
    • Correct event sequencing issue when unloading a workspace with an Adept Cobra i-Series robot.
    • Correct issue with accessing results using VLOCATION with a custom vision tool.
    • Update documentation.
    • Correct culture issue when hovering over a location in the V+ code editor.
    • Correct display of frustum obstacles in the visualization window.
    • Allow selection of “No Tool” in scenario choice page for the AdeptSight camera calibration wizard.
    • Ensure ACE server can automatically load a workspace when run as a Windows service.
    • Ensure ACE server uses command line arguments when run as a Windows service.
    • Ensure “datafile” server command line argument is handled correctly.
  • Version
    • Minor correction to AdeptSight MicroV+ application sample.
    • Correct minor Adept Cobra i-Series issue with loading a new workspace.
    • Improve the way the status of motions are monitored in calibration sequences for the Adept Cobra i-Series robot.
    • Correct minor issues with parameter mapping when handling VLOCATION from MicroV+.
    • Correct issue when moving an Adept Cobra i-Series robot in workspace while an editor is in debug mode.
    • Correct issue with Hint box not displaying correctly in the Caliper and ArcCaliper pair editing form.
  • Version
    • Allow longer time to complete Adept Cobra i-Series motions in AdeptSight teach sequences.
    • Add description field to the gripper offset table.
    • Correct issue displaying belt stop line for the ProcessManager visualization.
    • Correct minor visualization issue.
    • Ensure the tool is accounted for when recording current robot location in the V+ Global Variable collection editor.
    • Improve error display in automated calibration sequences.
  • Version
    • Minor correction to AdeptSight table-mounted camera V+ application sample.
    • Correct issue with the AdeptSight tool calculation in upward mounted camera calibration.
  • Version
    • Correct minor issue with model origin getting reset when model image is cropped.
    • Address minor issues with the C# custom program and vision too editor.
    • Add additional checks when opening the application and user settings file.
    • Correct shortcut arguments for running ACE in single process mode.
    • Correct issue with packet size change to Basler pylon device.
    • Correct issue with button access when vision tools are running while editing an inspection filter.
    • Fix minor issue with vision tool selection in the AdeptSight gripper offset wizard.
    • Ensure all server errors are displayed and logged by the user interface process.
  • Version
    • Correct issue with the V+ program startup when workspace is loaded.
    • Change the default timeout settings for new Basler pylon acquisition parameters.
    • Update documentation.
  • Version
    • Correct issues with AdeptSight application samples.
    • Correct issue with feeder interfaces in a static pallet configuration.
  • Version
    • Correct issue with global variable editor.
    • Correct issue with process teaching in a multi-tip gripper configuration.


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