Netiquette - if you post, please include robot, controller, and V+

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Netiquette - if you post, please include robot, controller, and V+

Postby » Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:00 pm

Hi there,
and especially: Hi there and welcome, new users!

If you have a question about Adept hardware or software or you don't
even know if your question refers to hardware or software (and this is
often true, even if you don't know that you don't know), please include:

Robot type
Controller type
Operating system (VAL, VAL-II, V+ or Micro-V+ version)

in your post, so that we know what we are dealing with, and maybe the
year of manufacturing (approximately) if you are not sure.

Experts can just state a few abbreviations and we know what it is:
A1,MC,VAL 8.1 (--> an AdeptOne with MC controller)
Dual-550, MV8, V+ 11.2A1 (--> two Adept550 robots with MV8 controller)
Cobra600, MV4 in PA4, V+ 13.1K1 (--> 2 MV-style Cobra600 robots)
AdeptThreeXL, MV10, V+ 13.2E (--> an AdeptThreeXL with MV10 controller)
s650, CX, V+16.3D6 (--> a Viper s650 with CX controller)
or even
RX90CR, CS7M, V+ 11.4C (a Staubli RX90 robot, 030/040 CPU with MV8 or
MV19 controller)
or even
IRB340, MV10, V+ 14.1B8 (a FlexPicker system with MV10 controller)
or even
AGS, IC, V+ 10.4 (--> an AGS vision system in a IC controller)

I understand this might be difficult sometimes, for example if you are
very new to Adept stuff, or if you have "inherited" an old piece of
equipment and your boss expects you to fix it, when you can't even
figure out how to connect your laptop to it. But we want you to fix it
and we can help you with it. So if you don't know what it is, you can at
least describe it verbally.

For example, if you say:

"... it looks like a big front-loading washing-machine, but without the
window, and there is a red button where the washing power would normally
go in..." then we know you have an MC controller.

"... the robot arm looks a bit like a human arm with an ellbow, moves
only horizontally and also has this vertical axis with a quill of about
an inch... " then we know you have an AdeptOne, maybe an AdeptThree.

"... the box looks like one of those fake computer racks you see in
science-fiction movies, with a lot of blinking lights on it... " then we
know you have a MV8, MV10 or even a MV19 and if you also have a card
that says SIO on it, then you harddisk is either broken or it will break
soon, so you better backup your files before it does.

"... the robot arm is yellow. Funny color for an Adept robot, or is it?
... " then we know you have a Staubli robot arm with Adept controller.
We need to know CS7 or CS7B controller.

"... I don't seem to have a controller??!... " then we know you have a
iCobra robot. Good one. Of course you have a controller, it's inside the
robot. Clever, aye?

"... the software looks a bit DOS-like, and I have tried starting
Windows but it says Illegal monitor command if I type win ... " then we
know not much other than you are probably not using AdeptWindows or
AdeptDesktop already.

If you have access to the Adept monitor prompt (and it may well be the
only thing you have, so go ahead and try):

Type ID and it prints all the information we need to know (well most
of it)

Software: 16.3 87-3100 (Edit D6, 30-Jun-2006, Pilot Release)
Controller: 2000-4082 105 0
Security ID: 9C55-DEE9-3B9B
Processor 1: 0.52 7-5 32MB
Robot 1: 670-289 400-41-0 42
Adept Viper s650/s850/s1300 Robot Module.
Servo: 16.0 (Edit A1)

Believe it or not, all these numbers and letters have a meaning to us.
And if you have access to Adept Manuals, they will also tell you things
about your system that you weren't aware of before.

Many questions related to Adept software can be answered without knowing
the robot or controller type. Adept is the only robot company how has
kept the programming language almost 100% backwards-compatible for 22
years. Also, amazingly, it is the same for all robot arms. So if your
question is how to make the robot move in a circle, this will work for
almost all types, models and generations of robots and controllers. But
if it is high-end complicated stuff you want to do, or you need to
access functions specific to a robot family, then we need to know which

If all else fails, tell me what you like to do and I will do a bit of
mind-reading to figure out what kind of system you have. With 26 years
of Adept experience (longer than Adept exists), there are few things we
haven't come across. But then again, who knows :-)

Best regards,


Juergen Bosse
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