Adept robots integrated with Labview

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Adept robots integrated with Labview

Postby ANDRE.CO@IG.COM.BR » Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:00 pm

Hi everyone , I would like to know if there is any Adept plug-in that
would be instaled at Labview to control the robot.

We have a customer who have a assembly line that is controlled by a PC
with a labview app , they want o install a Adept robot and control it
using the labview.

Some of the features required are:

1-Jog the robot , it would be something like a labview pendant.

2-Teach new locations using labview.

The app itself is remote control tester cell.

There are several types of control but all of them have the same
amount of buttons but with different locations.

What they want:

A standart V+ routine installed at a s600 with all paths:

Home to button 1
Home to button 2
Home to button 3
and so on...

The locations button 1 , button 2 are different for each remote
control and need to be teached for each remote control model.

At the labview side they would have a database where the user would
insert the name of the model and the coordinates of each button , for
each new remote the user would have to teach all locations using the
labview app to move the robot to all buttons and teach and store it at
the PC.

On a run mode the V+ routine would need to read all locations on the
labview app and perform the test as programmed on the V+.

That would be a approach to avoid further knownledment of the robot
for the end user and also use their standard to interact with the user...

If somenone have developed something similar please inform if it is
doable or if there is something that would help us on the development
of this project.

Tks in advance...

Best regards.

Andre Constantinou.
Mar Automacao.
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