adept net issue

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adept net issue

Postby jekohl » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:56 am

We have an AWC2 60 controller with V+ 13.2 running an ESEC Micron 2 production machine. I need to back up the system compact disk and would like to use AdeptNet and my laptop to do so. Using CONFIG_C to read the NVRAM I verified that the options Adept TCP/IP, AdeptNFS Client and Adept FTP Client/Server are listed. Also the IP address is listed as However, when I type the monitor command "ping" the reply is "not configured as accessed*". Also, when I type the monitor command "net" the reply is as follows:
TCP/IP: Hardware not installed
NFS: Hardware not installed
FTP: Hardware not installed

This was surprising to me since I was under the impression that the network hardware was part of the AWC2 plug-in.

How can I get AdeptNFS working?
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