Vision system out of memory AWC 16.4

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Vision system out of memory AWC 16.4

Postby teknikiharmoni » Tue May 18, 2010 11:02 pm

Has anybody encountered vision system out of memory on a AWC 16.4 system? How to recover programatically. Are there any timeout you can set to force vision commands to abort? After I have got out of memory on a system it behaves really strange. Vision commands (VDIS, VPIC) takes about a minute or more to execute. Even kill command took a long time!? Had to make a Sinclair reset (power off/on) in order to set things right. Disabling and enabling vision or toggling ethernet connection didn't make any difference. Parts of the processor seems asleep after vision out of memory.

Is this forum working anymore?? Think the earlier was better.

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