MV + Adept Modules Safety

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MV + Adept Modules Safety

Postby jneumannsmc » Wed May 19, 2010 5:59 am

Hello all,

I am working on an application where an MV-4 Controller (AWCII, EJI) is controlling a 4 Axis (3 linear, 1 rotation) cartesian Adept Modules robot. My system is running V+13.1 and AIM 3.3B. In this application, an operator will be manually loading a part, and the cartesian performs some operations on it. The cell will be enclosed with guarding, and there will be an opening for the operator to reach in and load the part. I would like to guard the operator's opening with light curtains, so that when the robot's cycle is operational and the operator reaches into the opening, the robot ESTOP, however I do not wish to ESTOP each time the operator reaches through the window to load a part after the robot's cycle completes. The MV Controller User's Guide says that I could "mute" the ESTOP by putting the robot in MANUAL mode (and then I could break the light curtains without causing an ESTOP), however, in switching from AUTO to MANUAL mode, high power to the robot is lost. In this case, after the operator loads a part, they would have to switch back to AUTO mode and re-enable high power, which takes many seconds of valuable cycle time.

Are there any other ways of allowing the operator to be in the same zone as the robot (after the robot completes the necessary motions) to load a part into the cell?


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