ARCL - Avoid using "Forever" tasks in taskLists

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ARCL - Avoid using "Forever" tasks in taskLists

Postby ToddR » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:15 pm

In ARCL it is possible to create a task list (using the listStart command) which you can add tasks to (using the listAdd command), and then execute (using the ListExecute command). By using this method you can make use of the robot tasks which are available from MobilePlanner for building routes and macros.

It is also possible to carry out a single task using the doTask command.

There are a few tasks in Mobile planner which end with the qualifier "Forever." This means that the task will continue indefinitely until explicitly instructed to do something else. PatrolForever, for example, will cause the robot to patrol the specified route, and once it is complete, to start from the beginning.

As a practice, it is best to avoid using the "patrolForever" or "dockForever" robot tasks in a task list, or with the doTask command in ARCL. Instead you should use the "dock" or "patrol" ARCL commands which serve the same purpose. The differences are subtle, but the "dock" and "patrol" commands are more appropriate for the job.

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