Setting up an ARCL connection (Video)

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Setting up an ARCL connection (Video)

Postby ToddR » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:56 pm

ARCL is a simple text-based command and response server for integrating a Motivity™ platform with an external automation system. ARCL allows for independent operation and monitoring of the robotic platform, its accessories and its payload devices over the network. And it works with or without MobileEyes.

This video will go though the basics of how to establish a connection to the ARCL server on your robot using a telnet client. If you choose, you can write your own program to establish this connection and send commands to the ARCL server, or retrieve information from it. However you choose to make use of the ARCL server, getting started by connecting with a telnet client will provide you with a clearer understanding of just what ARCL can do, and will prove invaluable as you develop your application.

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