Applying the TriangleDriveTo robot task for accurate moves

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Applying the TriangleDriveTo robot task for accurate moves

Postby ToddR » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:43 am

The attached zip file contains a document which describes a scenario in which the triangleDriveTo task might be used to accurately marry the robot with some other tool in it's environment. Also included in the zip file is a video showing one robot's behaviors in MobileEyes when employing each of the strategies described in the document.

Here is the introduction to the document:

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If you haven't already seen the post on enabling and using the TriangleDriveTo task you can find it at this link, along with another accompanying document:
Applying the triangleDriveTo
example strategies for the use of the "TriangleDriveTo" robot task where it is required for accurate driving.
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