Effectively using TriangleDrive on the Lynx

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Effectively using TriangleDrive on the Lynx

Postby parkerc » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:06 am

Please find attached a document discussing the use of TriangleDrive tasks on the Lynx mobile robot.
Triangle drive is a positioning method by which the Lynx maneuvers with increased accuracy relative to a physical triangle situated in the environment. This triangle is defined by its edge lengths and inclusive angle, giving the Lynx a specific feature in the environment to use for positioning. Such a triangle can be seen in the image above, where a conveyor-Lynx is positioning itself in front of a static conveyor. While a variety of use cases for this positioning method exist, all use the “TriangleDriveTo” or “TriangleDriveToAdvanced” robot tasks, which define the specifics for the movement.

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Triangle Drive Overview.pdf
Lynx TriangleDrive document
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