Adept Windows and Omni NFS on a Windows 7 XP Virtual Machine

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Adept Windows and Omni NFS on a Windows 7 XP Virtual Machine

Postby ToddR » Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:07 pm

***Note that newer versions of Omni NFS are now available from Xlink Technology, Inc. that work with Windows 7 directly. Xlink will give you a free upgrade if you trade in your license key for one associated with a newer version of their software. See the following post for instructions on setting up Omni NFS in Windows 7: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=681***

There is currently a break in backwards compatibility for the Omni NFS portion of AdeptWindows in operating systems newer than Windows XP. While AdeptWindows will run on 32bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, file sharing via Omni NFS is not possible.

One option to overcome this hurdle, is to install AdeptWindows and Omni NFS on an XP Virtual Machine, available for free from Microsoft with of Windows 7 Professional. There are many tutorials on the web for setting up your XP virtual machine. Once you're at your virtual XP desktop you can install AdeptWindows either by CD, or by memory stick if you have the files.

In order to read from a memory stick in your XP virtual machine you'll need to attach it. To do this go to the main toolbar at the top of the XP machine, select the USB dropdown menu. The USB memory stick should be shown in a list here, and it should have the word "Attach" listed next to it. Click the USB device in question to attach. Now you can see it from the file explorer and proceed as normal.

After installing AdeptWindows and Omni NFS you'll need to make sure that your network adapter is set up correctly in order to connect to an Adept controller. Here is a link to a good blog with instructions: ... -mode.aspx

In the section of the blog above titled "Networking a Windows XP Mode VM" you'll need to go with option 2, "Bridged Mode" when setting up your network adapter. To do this go to Start>All Programs>Windows Virtual PC>Windows Virtual PC. This will open an explorer window called "Virtual Machines." Right click on the XP Virtual Machine and choose "settings." One of the settings listed in the left-hand pane is "networking." Select this setting and in the right hand pane, change the Adapter 1 property from Shared Networking (NAT) to the name of the actual network adapter.

Once you've done this your virtual machine will have its own IP address for that network adapter, and can communicate to other devices on the network. Configure the Virtual Machine's IP address as you would in Windows XP so that it is compatible with the IP address of the Adept Controller.

You should now be able to connect to the Adept Controller.

For a detailed guide on setting up the Omni NFS server check out this forum post:

Re: Adept Windows and Omni NFS on a Windows 7 XP Virtual Machine

Postby ToddR » Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:06 pm

See this post for setting up Omni NFS directly in Windows 7:


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