Backing up is causing my robot to ESTOP > how do I fix it?

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Backing up is causing my robot to ESTOP > how do I fix it?

Postby ToddR » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:06 am

When a Lynx has its safety commissioning enabled it must adhere to certain rules, for example, if it is moving at or faster than 300mm/s then it must use a safety laser which is wired for hardware ESTOP—this allows for redundant safety measures beyond software control.

It also means that when the robot is backing up, if it travels faster than 300mm/s then it is breaking that rule (laser can’t see behind the robot, and the sonar don’t qualify as ‘safety rated’). As a result you may notice that if you drive the Lynx backwards (either with the joystick, through MobileEyes/MobilePlanner, or by program) that it triggers an ESTOP, and the wheel lights flash red.

In order to prevent ESTOP condition while backing up, please set the Absolute Movement Maximums > AbsoluteMaxTransNegVel to -290. This will prevent the robot from driving faster than -290 in reverse, and even if it overshoots that -290, it should not reach -300.

absolute max neg.jpg
absolute max neg.jpg (37.25 KiB) Viewed 8307 times

NOTE: This setting will be changed by default for all Lynx that ship after today, Feb 4, 2014, but for those already in the field this fix may be necessary.

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