What is the max speed of my MT400 and how do I set it?

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What is the max speed of my MT400 and how do I set it?

Postby ToddR » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:40 pm

I have an Adept MT400 robot, what is its max speed, and where do I set it?

The short answer is, the max speed is 2000mm/s, and it is set in the “Robot Config” section of the Robot Configuration dialog box available in Mobile Eyes from the “Tools” menu.

The more thorough answer is that there are a variety of places to set speed, depending on the task the robot will be carrying out.

It is also worth noting that 2000mm/s, to the casual observer is quite fast, and in the Adept Mobile Robots building we're more comfortable setting our robot's maximum speeds to 1500mm/s when they are in areas where there will be human traffic.

The "max" speed is an advanced setting, available from the Tool > Robot Configuration window in MobileEyes. Set your Parameter Priority to Advanced and select the "Robot config" section under "Sections:". Here you will have access to not only the maximum overall translational velocity, but also rotational velocity, and translational and rotational accelerations.

robot config.png
robot config.png (90.86 KiB) Viewed 8969 times

There are several places in MobileEyes and MobilePlanner to set speeds for specific situations.

For example, if you’re interested in setting the speed for when the robot is moving to a goal or being sent to a point, the then the “Path Planning settings” are the ones you’ll want to use. In these specific cases where you have access to speed and acceleration parameters, the lowest value you’ve set in either the Robot Config settings or the specific section you’re in (e.g. Path Planning, Follow, Teleop, etc.) will be used.

For this reason, you can think of the settings in the “Robot Config” section as the overall max. For example, if the TransVelMax set in “Robot Config” is 1500, even if you set your MaxSpeed in “Path Planning settings” to 1800, the robot speed will still be capped at 1500.

path planning settings.png
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In places where a parameter’s description states that using a value of 0 will apply the default, the default that is being referred to is the corresponding value in the Robot Config section.

As a side note, the Path Planning settings also have a separate set of speed and acceleration parameters for the end of the path when the robot is settling into its goal.

There are a variety of other options (like speed sectors on the map) in which you can set different speeds. For example, if the robot is about to go through a doorway into a hallway you might not want it to zip right out into traffic at 2m/s if someone can’t see it coming. Inserting a speed sector in MobilePlanner might be a reasonable solution for your application.

Some Robot Tasks that are used in routes or macros in MobilePlanner have settable speeds and accelerations as well. These include but are not limited to Move, Move2, and TriangleDriveToAdvanced. When dragging and dropping the Move robot task into a route or macro you’ll be presented with the following dialog box. In these cases the speed you set here is compared to the speed you set in the Robot Config section, and capped if the Robot Config settings parameter is lower.

Move settings.png
Move settings.png (59.9 KiB) Viewed 8969 times

Typically the path planning max speed and the teleop (joystick, or driving from Mobile Eyes) max speed are set the highest because these are times when the required accuracy is the lowest, and the robot has the most ground to cover.

It’s a good idea to lower your speeds when you want to achieve reapatable motions, or are looking for relative accuracy in positioning. You should be able to find a workable balance between speed and repeatability.

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