Resume PackXpert after robot fault

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Resume PackXpert after robot fault

Postby dshaner » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:44 am

Is there a method for resuming PackXpert after a fault has occurred? It was suggested that setting the "Process Manager Hardware Status Code" to 1 would reset the fault and resume PackXpert. I tried this and the fault resets but comes right back. Currently I have to stop PackXpert and restart it, which takes 8-10 seconds; in the mean time, parts are dropping off my infeed conveyor. Anything I can do to reduce my recovery time would be helpful.

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Re: Resume PackXpert after robot fault

Postby TravisA » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:54 am

What is the fault that you're seeing?
If its a persistent error (Robot Power Off, for example) and you don't do anything to fix it (like re-enable power) then it will continue being reported.

If it is a robot error (estop, belt window violation, envelope error, etc), it will call the error program. You can see the program and customize it under "Process Strategy Editor". The default program simply reports most errors to the UI. You can add code to recover from the error, based on the error type (the "status" variable). You can also use the various V+ instructions to determine ESTOP status and other hardware info. Once you've successfully recovered, you can set the response so that the process will automatically retry (pm.tsk.retry) or skip to the next part (pm.tsk.skip) or clear the grippers and pick a new part (pm.tsk.abort).
Or you could still report the error, where setting the status code to 1 would do a "skip"

Re: Resume PackXpert after robot fault

Postby CyleN » Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:58 pm

Writing a "1" is the equivalent of hitting the retry button. Writing a "4" is the equivalent of the skip button.

If the error condition is still in effect, the error will get reported again.
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