[Test Report] 5 Robots on 4 controllers, vision convor parts

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[Test Report] 5 Robots on 4 controllers, vision convor parts

Postby ToddR » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:38 pm

Adept Packaging Manager Test Summary

- Assess the software’s capability to handle one example of a complex system. Determine system resource usage to assist in determination of suggested PC specifications.

System Specifications:
Dual parallel opposing conveyor system
- Each QC industries (2) part conveyor, 20’

(5) Robots
- R1 – Inverted sCobra800
- R2 – sCobra600
- R3 – sCobra600
- R4 – sCobra800
- R5 – sCobra800

(4) CX controllers
- Each controller with one robot excluding R4 and R5 as a dual system

(4) 1394 cameras (Basler - A601f)
- (1) camera latch associated with each controller

(4) Encoders (BEI - H25)

Part Used: Plastic Poker Chip

PC and Software Specifications:
ACE version
Basler Pylon Viewer version
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2.39 GHz, 1.99GB of RAM
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 2

Robots one and two picked vision guided parts from a return belt and placed to a static position above a feed belt. Robots three, four, and five picked vision guided parts from this feed belt, and placed to the return belt. The effect was a continuous loop.

In order for robots four and five on the dual system to transfer part location information effectively, ‘workspace referencing’ was required. This process supplies Packaging Manager with each robot’s location relative to a single parent robot, as well as the belts. ‘Workspace referencing’ also has the effect of arranging the 3D visualization window in a more coherent manner.

Each of the four cameras processed an image each time the belt passed through 40% of its vision window. A simple outline ‘locator model’ was used with each of the (4) ‘locator’ vision tools.

CPU usage varied between 40 and 65%

Parts Per Minute by Robot:

-R1 ~ 110
-R2 ~ 105
-R3 ~ 75
-R4 ~ 85
-R5 ~ 55

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