What is the fastest belt you've tracked?

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What is the fastest belt you've tracked?

Postby ToddR » Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:26 am


I was wondering -- what is the fastest belt you've tracked? Vision guided or sensor based? Which robot? What was the required accuracy? Was there rotation? What was the payload? Inertia?

I've tracked a belt with vision (low-res) at between 600 and 700mm/s with a quattro, 185 degree platform, a few mm of tolerance on the pick with a mechanical gripper to center up the parts before the place. There was up to 180 degrees of rotation required. The end effector inertia was ~20.25 kg*cm^2.

Who has tracked a belt at 1m/s? What about belt tracking with a very high inertia?

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