Date first robots with ACE foundation

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Date first robots with ACE foundation

Postby Hans » Wed Oct 29, 2008 3:02 am

Hello all,

I discussed the apps meeting and ACE with our sales guys. My understanding is that they must start selling ACE and that soon adept desktop will be replaced for the ACE foundation. They hesitate to mention ace because they don't know when we will start to sell and deliver ace. The sales guys received list prices already also. When will we start to ship the first robots with ace foundation installed, instead of adept desktop?



Re: Date first robots with ACE foundation

Postby TravisA » Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:32 am

ACE will be shipping on all new robot orders very soon, within the next week or two.
ADT is still going to be shipping on some systems: iCobra robots and AdeptSight 2 systems. Because AdeptSight 3 is just at BETA phase, it isn't replacing all AdeptSight shipments yet, but will at some point in the next two quarters.
So, there will be some transition period on some systems, but ACE should be in customers hands very soon. Because ACE 2.0 is released, you can share it with customers (I believe you all got a copy of at the apps meeting?)

Re: Date first robots with ACE foundation

Postby KevinS » Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:13 am

ACE PackXpert is now shipping!

The first production order is going to Del Monte in southern California. The application is packaging relish packs of Star kiss Tuna. Two cobra robots will be used to pick up 6 individual tuna packs from a moving belt and place all 6 to another moving belt with containers for each pack. I'll be at the plant next week so an update will follow shortly.

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