Application Products (Packaging Automation Cells, and Flexible and Intelligent Part Feeders)

Adept's application products compliment your existing workcell and factory automation applications. Our new packaging automation cell provides a prefabricated platform for primary packaging applications. Our flexible feeders and intelligent feeders provide your application with the ability to handle a wide array of parts that no conventional part feeder can match. Both products incorporate best-in-class products, deliver faster integration and make part changeovers quick and easy.

Flexible Feeder
Adept AnyFeeder Flexible Parts Feeder

The Adept AnyFeeder provides an economical alternative to well-known, conventional part-feeding techniques. When combined with an Adept robot and Adept vision guidance, the Adept AnyFeeder provides flexible part-feeding that exceeds the capability of hard-tooled bowl feeders.

Adept Approflex Intelligent Part Feeder

The Adept FlexiBowl is an innovative feed solution for use with any Adept robot and vision system. The feeder is designed to handle a wide array parts with different shapes and materials and uses circular band tracking to permit removal of parts during movement delivering higher throughput than traditional     feeders.