Adept Motion Control
Adept controls offer the following sophisticated motion control features:

  • LINEAR CIRCULAR INTERPOLATION: With Adept systems, users can quickly and easily program custom mechanisms, as well as Adept robots, to perform straight-line motion and circular motion in three-dimensional Cartesian space.
  • SPLIT-AXIS DRIVE: Custom mechanisms sometimes require two motors to drive a single axis. These custom mechanisms include large gantry robots and smaller high-speed, high-precision linear motor-based robots. Adept's split-axis drive feature makes control of such configurations transparent to the application software, since it automatically coordinates the drive of the two motors.
  • BACKLASH COMPENSATION: Backlash compensation allows users to specify a backlash distance in software. The system software will automatically add the backlash distance to each move. A typical use for this feature is to compensate for backlash in gear driven mechanisms.
  • LINEAR COMPENSATION: With linear compensation, it is possible to map certain linear axes of the robot to correct for linearity errors. You can map each joint separately using, for example, a laser interferometer to determine precise positions equidistant along the joint.
  • ORTHOGONALITY COMPENSATION: Most linear-axis robots have two or more perpendicular (or orthogonal) axes. These systems often have some amount of skew between axes. That is, the axes are not precisely 90° apart. Correcting this skew with hardware becomes very difficult and expensive. With Adept's orthogonality compensation, which is a cost-effective software solution, a coupling matrix is used to provide skew compensation.
  • ADVANCED SERVO LIBRARY: The Advanced Servo Library is a set of routines that allow you to perform robot control outside of the normal V+ command set.