The Adept MotionBlox™-10 Servo Kit offers convenient and economical scalability to add one or more axis to any Adept Robot or Adept Controller system.
The kits are plug and play compatible with the Adept SmartServo™ distributed servo network. The SmartServo network utilizes the IEEE 1394 protocol to provide real-time communications with each axis.

Product Details
  • MotionBlox-10
  • MotionBlox-10 Mounting Bracket
  • Cables
  • User Manual
  • Power Distribution Unit 3
  • IO-Blox
  • Cable Kit - Amp to Motors
ServoKit Options
    The AC servo motors have an encoder resolution of 65,536 counts.
    Available sizes:
  • 100W
  • 200W
  • 400W
  • 750W
  • All motors are available with or without brakes.