The Adept ePLC Connect Server software provides seamless connectivity with the customer supplied Ethernet/IP PLC. The supplied ePLC Connect hardware is preconfigured and ready for operation. All application programs and locations are defined and reside within the user's PLC. The ePLC Connect software interprets this data and commands the robot to move. It's as simple as that. Customers new to robotics can now easily install, program, operate and support high-performance robots.

Key Product Features
  • Provides full IEC61131-3 compliant interface
  • Common Panel View interface
  • Compatible with any Adept robot
  • Full access to motion control parameters
  • Automate pallet function supported
  • Cartesian or joint angle coordinates
  • Program directly using PLC's native language: Initialization, Programming, Jog Control, Tool I/O Control, Status Functions
Target Applications
  • Pick-and-Place

    - Multiple pick-and-place locations supported
    - Flexible drop-off or reject locations

  • Part Transfer
  • Screwdriving