Adept Transporter-Semi - Product Image

Adept Lynx Transporter-Semi

Adept Lynx Transporter-Semi combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle (AIV) with a multi waferpod carrier configured to move wafer pods throughout a semiconductor fab. It is designed to safely transport up to four wafer pods in a dynamic cleanroom environment while operating safely and collaboratively alongside people.

The on-board intelligence of the vehicle eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as tracks, reflectors or magnets. The Lynx Semi Transporter improves production yield by eliminating humangenerated dust particles and by following instructions from the fab production software system, ensuring no errors in the location of wafer pods. It enables implementation of lean methodologies in the workflow and allows redeployment of a limited labor pool to higher value-add.

Product Features

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Vertical Lasers (Obstacle detection Sensors)
  • Sensors for SMIF Pod Placement

  • Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance
  • Communicative multi-color lights
Product Features

  • Emergency stop buttons and EMO
  • Physical collision bumper