Six-Axis Robot (6-Axis Robot, Articulated Robot) Overview

Adept six-axis (6-axis) robots continue Adept's tradition of proven performance and precision. The Adept Viper series of articulated robots is Adept's latest offering in a six-axis robot configuration. The Adept Viper six-axis (6-axis) robot family is a high-performance line of articulated robots designed specifically for complex assembly applications. They offer the versatility of a large working area with the convenience of a streamlined, compact architecture.

The Adept Viper six-axis (6-axis) robots are available in the following models: The Adept Viper s650 six-axis robot offers a 650 mm reach, while the Adept Viper s850 six-axis robot offers an 850 mm reach for larger work envelope requirements. And, the Adept Viper s1300 six-axis robot meet the needs of articulated robotic applications requiring large work envelopes and heavier payloads. The speed and precision of the Adept Viper line of six-axis (6-axis) robots make them ideal for a wide variety of articulated robot applications requiring fast and precise automation.