The GEM and SECS standards were developed by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) trade association. The GEM/SECS standards provide a method of communication between a host computer system and automation equipment. The standards specify the format and allowable content of messages.
The AdeptGEM product implements the GEM standard, and the portions of the SECS-II standard that is required by the GEM standard. The host-equipment communication can utilize a serial (SECS-I) interface or an Ethernet (HSMS-SS) interface. Both interface standards are implemented in the AdeptGEM product.

Implemented Compliant Fundamental GEM Requirements

  • State Models
  • Equipment Processing States
  • Host-Initiated S1, F13/F14 Scenario
  • Event Notification

  • On-Line Identification
  • Error Messages
  • Documentation
  • Control (Operator Initiated)
Relevant SEMI Standards
  • SEMI E4 (SECS-I)
  • SEMI E30 (GEM)
  • SEMI E37 (HSMS)
  • SEMI E37.1 (HSMS-SS)