The Adept AIM™ patented software provides a graphical, easy to use and powerful programming tool to simplify and standardize the development of your robot, vision or flexible feeder application. The AIM application products have been developed with specific applications in mind, including:

  • MotionWare for robot pick and place applications
  • VisionWare for vision inspection applications
  • AIM PCB for printed circuit board applications

Product Features
    AIM Application Specific Software Packages
  • MotionWare
  • VisionWare
  • PathWare
    AIM Functional Modules
  • Flexible Feeding
  • Vision Guidance
  • Force Sensing
  • Adept GEM
  • CAD Data Translator
  • AIM Command Server

  • Data Organized in Menu Pages
  • Data Stored in Databases
  • Task Oriented Sequence Statements
  • Easy Programming with the Sequence Editor