Client Case Studies - Consumer Electronics

Application Summary
Application: Watch Handling & Machining
Industry: Consumer Electronics
Products used: Adept Cobra i600
Customer: Titan Industries
Integrator: None
Titan Industries is the world's fifth largest and India's leading manufacturer of watches. The company’s watch case manufacturing facility includes a process where the watch cases are handled and component connections are machined. Until now, this step in the manufacturing line required the parts to be loaded manually. Loading the cases manually meant that production speed was limited, as an operator could only continually maintain loading and unloading the pieces for a period of three hours. This repetitious machining step consumed valuable skilled-employee resources that could be better utilized elsewhere in the production facility.
After researching the options available from all of the leading automation manufacturers, Titan determined that an Adept Cobra four-axis robot combined with an AdeptSight vision system would resolve their issue. The company purchased and received the robot and vision system, and proceeded to automate this process using internal engineering resources. Once they installed the software and went through the online help, they found that the programming language was similar to the PC-based version of the ‘C’ programming language. This, coupled with the sample program and the online help, resulted in an extremely quick and robust installation. Titan was up and running in a few weeks. With this process almost fully-automated, the company’s production volume has doubled from the original 750 pieces to 1500 pieces processed per eight-hour shift.