Client Case Studies - Food Packaging

Application Summary
Application: Material Handling
Industry: Food
Products used: AdeptModules
Customer: Hershey Foods
Integrator: Saber Engineering
Hershey Foods needed an automated packaging solution for packaging their Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapped chocolates from six separate wrapping machines into 10-count (2 x 5) trays. The automated systems needed to handle a continuous flow of wrapped chocolates and paper trays and produce loaded trays for the downstream wrapping machine.
Saber Engineering designed and built three robot packaging systems using 3-axis AdeptModules and a multi-pick gripper that can pick 20 chocolates at once. Under normal conditions, the robots picked product from two incoming lanes simultaneously.
However, when a wrapper went down, the robot could dynamically switch to picking product from only one incoming lane. Saber installed a vision inspection system for each wrapper to inspect package quality before it entered the robot packaging systems. And, an Intellution SCADA system was used to provide a single operator interface for all three packaging systems, as well as providing data for production reports and MIS.
Throughout the design phase of the robot systems, Saber utilized computer simulations to insure a finished and complete design of the system prior to installation of the equipment.