Client Case Studies - Surgical Assistance Automation

Application Summary
Application: Surgical Assistance
Industry: Medical
Products used: Adept Viper s850 robot
Customer: Center for Sensor Systems at the University of Siegen (Germany)
For several years and in close cooperation with physicians, information scientists, and industrial partners the Center for Sensor Systems had been designing their modiCAS (modular interactive Computer Associated Surgery) project under the direction of Jürgen Wahrburg. This project using new robot controlling and operating methodology uses robots as a surgical assisting system for surgeries. The system is involved in all the surgical steps from planning to operation. modiCAS is the world’s first robotic system to support the implantation of acetabular cups, a prosthesis often used in hip replacement, in humans.
The Adept Viper s850 was chosen to be the mechatronic extension of the navigation system for guiding and positioning the surgical instruments. Besides its absolute reliability and durability, Jürgen Wahrburg particularly appreciated the Adept Viper robot’s arm reach, slim design, low operating weight and the open controls architecture. Meeting the technical requirements of the robot was only one determining factor in choosing Adept as the supplier, said Jürgen Wahrburg. Other crucial points were the remarkably high technical competence of the Adept application engineers and their practical and detailed advice.
The robot’s key task as an assistance system in an operating room consists of guiding surgical devices. In complex neurosurgery, the Adept Viper robot helps precisely position surgical devices in an environment where millimeters can make the difference between success and the loss of important nerve tracts.