Distributor/Integrator Training Classes

Adept has recently announced a new set of training classes developed specifically for our distributor and integrator partners. The courses are broken into Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 1 training class will be five days in total, with the time evenly split between training on our industrial fixed robots and our mobile robots. The Level 2 training class will also include both fixed and mobile robot training, but will address more advanced topics.

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two 2.5 Days
Major Topics
  • Industrial Fixed Level 1: The level one fixed industrial robot training class will provide an overview of Adept systems and software. It will cover the Adept ACE™ software environment, V+ programming language, and Adept PackXpert™ programming. Programming concepts and the language structure will be introduced using the integrated walk-through examples in ACE. In addition, the course will provide an introduction to vision-guided robotics, including specifics of the AdeptSight™ vision system programming, use, and optimization. The course will be taught by experienced application engineers, and will demonstrate concepts through emulation and on actual robot systems.

  • Industrial Fixed Level 2: The level two fixed industrial robot training class will cover in-depth Adept programming topics. Advanced AdeptSight vision topics will be discussed, including a deep dive into various vision tools, including custom vision tools. Flexible feeding concepts will be introduced, covering system design, programming, and optimization. C# programming in the ACE environment will be addressed, showing how to construct and call custom C# scripts. The integrated ACE User Interface Builder will be covered, and Visual Studio API integration will also be presented. Finally, advanced PackXpert topics will be covered. The course will be taught by experienced application engineers, and will demonstrate concepts through emulation and on actual robot systems.

  • Lynx Mobile Robots 1: The level one mobile robot training from Adept will give an introduction to the Lynx® autonomous intelligent vehicle (AIV). You will learn the basics of how the robot performs work and plans its path through environments, including training on mapping techniques, map sectors, and tasks. Also included will be hands-on sessions covering the hardware features of the robot, safety, and integration of external components.

  • Lynx Mobile Robots Level 2: Level two mobile robot training expands on the introductory session by focusing on the enterprise level, Adept designed peripherals and techniques for precise alignment with tooling. In this second training, we will expand the focus from an individual robot to that of a fleet capable of working collaboratively on a list of jobs provided by an MES/WMS.
Enrollment and Schedule
To enroll in a course or to receive information on scheduling a class at your facility, call Adept Customer Training at 800.232.3378. You may also register for training courses online - Registration Form
To view the current course schedule - Training Schedule
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