linking different vision tools and locator model

linking different vision tools and locator model

Postby lopezad » Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:00 am

Hello AdeptSight Community,

I am relatively new to using AdeptSight and am having some trouble linking several vision tools to work together. Currently, I can verify that each tool works on its own ( I have a blob tool, Image processsing tool, and a locator tool in the same workspace).

However, only the locator tool is being used to visually recognize parts, the other process tools are not being implemented.

Do I need to create a link between them or indicate which tools need to be processed first? I simply created them as new tools in the workspace.

thanks for any advice.

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Re: linking different vision tools and locator model

Postby Guenter Grass » Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:34 am

Hi Alfonso,

I'm not 100% what you want to achieve.

Nevertheless lets assume that... if your tools work in this order

1. Your Image Processing tool is filtering the picture of your camera (virtual camera).
2. Your Locator tool is searching for parts
3. Your blob analyzer is measuring the area of the parts that were found by the Locator tool

To do this you need to
1. change the "Image Source" of the Locator tool from Virtual camera -> Image Processing
2. change the parameter "Relative To" in the Blob Analyzer to the Locator Tool.

If you run the Blob Analyzer (the last in the "chain") all other tools will be run too.

To run these tools from a V+ program you have to add an AdeptSight Sequence tool to your workspace and enter the Blob Analyzer in the Property - Vision Tool. Then run the AdeptSight sequence.

Assuming that the AdeptSight tools are now in this order in your AdeptSight Sequence ...
1. Virtual camera
2. Image Processing Tool
3. Locator
4. Blob Analyzer

here is an example on how to run this sequence from V+ and ask the Locator Tool how many parts whre found.
$ip = "" ;ip address of the adeptsight pc
locator = 3 ;index of the locator tool in the AdeptSight Sequence
sequence_nr = 1

VRUN $ip,sequence_nr
VWAITI (sequence_nr) $ip = VRESULT($ip, sequence_nr, locator, , 1310)

To get more comfortable with AdeptSight you can run some of the Application Samples in ACE. They lead you through all parts needed and present you with a V+ program you can run.

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