Jog and LoadLocalWorkspace

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Jog and LoadLocalWorkspace

Postby icerany » Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:13 am

Hi All,

I have two different problem need help.

1. When I using IAdeptRobot.Jog to control robot from custom GUI (C#), the robot shows "FW" and disconnect!!

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IAdeptRobot robot = smartController.GetRobot(1);
          0.8, //Speed, from -1 to 1
          0,   //Axis
          null //using for JogTo location

After this command, ACE is disconnected with SmartController CX !!
We also tried "JogTo", but still shows "FW" and disconnect.

Code: Select all
double[] decompose = smartController.Link.WhereWorld(1).ToArray();
decompose[0] += 1; //Shift X with 1mm

IAdeptRobot robot = smartController.GetRobot(1);
          0.8, //Speed, from -1 to 1
          -1,  //Axis
          decompose //using for JogTo location

But above functions are work fine in notebook and running emulation with same workspace!!
It can jog successfully, but with real CX and Quattro.

2. We trying execute AceServer and load local workspace with it.
but after "IAceServer.LoadLocalWorkspace(@"D:\test.awp")"
GUI (C#) receive an exception about "无法进入通信渠道" (can not entering communication stream??) when getting IVpLink.Status()

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RemotingUtil.InitializeRemotingSubsystem(true, 43434);
aceServer = (IAceServer)RemotingUtil.GetRemoteServerObject(typeof(IAceServer), "ace", "localhost", 43434);
aceClient = new AceClient(aceServer);

bool isEmulation = false; //If want to running with Emulation mode, set to "true"
aceServer.EmulationMode = isEmulation;
aceServer.LoadLocalWorkspace(@"D:\test.awp", isEmulation);
Thread.Sleep(3000);  //Delay 3 seconds

/* Search controller and robot here... */

MessageBox.Show("IVpLink.IsOnline = " + smartController.Link.IsOnline.ToString()); //Shows "FALSE" !!!
VPStatus[] taskStt = smartController.Link.Status(); //Throw Exception !!!

Am I miss some parameters??

Adept ACE:
Adept Robot: Quattro 800 * 2
System Log Event.png
Stack Trace on System Event Log
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