The Adept AnyFeeder™ provides an economical alternative to well-known, conventional part-feeding techniques. When combined with an Adept robot and Adept vision guidance, the Adept AnyFeeder provides flexible part-feeding that exceeds the capability of hard-tooled bowl feeders. Its flexibility in feeding small parts of various size, shape and material allow for fast line changeover and significantly reduced tooling costs, to give you a crucial competitive advantage.

Adept AnyFeeder handling bulk products.
The AnyFeeder dispenses parts onto the feed platform, the Adept vision software locates and inspects the parts, and the parts are transferred to an indexing conveyor by an Adept Cobra robot.

Product Features

  • Brushless servo drives operating system
  • Rugged, conveyor-less design
  • Integrated bulk feeder
  • Precise part presentation platform

  • Quick change feed surfaces
  • Fast feed, flip, purge
  • ESD feed surfaces
  • Stainless steel design

  • Feeds a multitude of products
  • Eliminates multiple feeder systems
  • Rapid part changeover
  • Increases productivity
  • Dual configuration further increases productivity