The Adept SmartMotion™ system is a high-performance motion controller that leverages the Adept SmartServo system, Adept's distributed-controls platform built on IEEE 1394. This system also provides fully-integrated, motion control capabilities for industrial robots, third party mechanisms, feeders, servo-controlled conveyors, or other servo and process-control axes.

Product Features
  • Adept's advanced motion technology is designed directly for the real-time control of high-speed robotic workcells. Sophisticated motion control features of the SmartMotion™ system can be combined with an integrated graphical user interface, machine vision and conveyor tracking.
  • A variety of kinematic modules are available that allow simple programming of complex mechanisms including tool offsets and world coordinates. Multiple mechanisms can be coordinated from one controller.
  • Complete Automation Control Platform: While most motion controllers stop with basic commands, Adept recognizes that real-world automation systems require coordination of motion control with real-time sensory feedback, workcell logic, I/O, and operator control functions.