Adept SmartMotion
  • Amplifier drive signal command
    ±10 VDC analog
  • Amplifier drive signal resolution
    16-bit, instrument grade, high linearity
  • Axis interface signals
    Dedicated signals for each axis, optically isolated
    (5 per axis, 1 per sMI6)
  • Encoder channel frequency
    32 MHz edge rate max
  • Encoder channel type
    Incremental A/B quadrature, index optional
  • Encoder channel voltage
    5VDC, RS-422 line drive, differential or single-ended
  • Encoder power
    User supplied
  • Maximum axes per system
    24 (requires four sMI6 modules)
  • Mechanism parameters
    User-defined axis limits
    Duty-cycle limits
    Envelope limits
    User-defined acceleration profiles allow S-curve or
    trapezoidal velocity profiles
  • Number of axes of control per module
    sMI6: 6
  • Servo gain parameters
    Proportional gain
    Proportional pole
    Proportional zero
    Integral gain
    Maximum integrator value
    Maximum integrator step
    Velocity feed forward gain
    Acceleration feed forward gain
    DAC output filter
  • Servo loop rate
  • Trajectory generation
    Default is 16 ms. User-configurable to 2 ms, 4 ms, 8
    ms with optional Enhanced Trajectory Control software