Call Button/Door Box

Adept Lynx Call Button/Door Box

This Adept Lynx accessory can be used both as a Call Button and as a Door Box. As a Call Button the unit is placed by the operator at a location where the vehicle is needed. The operator simply presses the button to request an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV). The box has a visual display of how far the AIV is from the call box. The operator can install multiple call boxes even in a facility with just one AIV.

When used as Door Box, this unit acts as an interface between an automated door (user supplied) and the Lynx such that the Lynx can communicate directly with the door. This allows AIVs to move around facilities completely autonomously. One box is required for each automatic door.

Call/Door Boxes can use RF Mesh, WiFi or hard-wired ethernet to communicate with the AIV either for a single AIV installation or with the Enterprise Manager fleet control.
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Call Button User Interface

  • One push-button with LED to call or cancel and AIV request
  • Bright LEDs in a circle around the push-button to indicate the AIV distance from its goal (HERE, 5m, 10m, 20m, 40m, 80m, 150m, 300m)

  • Beeper to indicate that the AIV has arrived at the goal or request is canceled
  • Red error indicator LED indicating connectivity with the host and bridge
Lynx Benefits

  • User-Friendly Software
  • Runtime of up to 19 hours a day
  • On-board power supply